General-purposed questions can be send to to Vladislav Janvarev. I'll try to answer within 24 hours.

Contributors for different CMS

If you experience problems with module installation, please, ask these people: MediaWiki – Alexey Tatuzov (
WackoWiki – Vladislav Janvarev (
WikkaWiki – none

Credits for FLAscheme

Vladislav Janvarev – lead programmer
Anastasia Malkova – lead designer
Alexey Tatuzov – module for Mediawiki
FamFamFam – for great icons

One of those "so simple, its brilliant" ideas, this can add a lot of impact to small business sites and help explain topics that look horribly complicated written down.
Geoff Spick, CMSWIRE
This is one of those petite tools that gives you more effective and yet pleasant way to work. It's simple and powerful, its fast and it gives you joy alongside the process. I caught myself on starting it whenever I want to mindmap something, and I'm scheming now like crazy. FLAscheme is thouroughly great!
Denis Zeltser, Supreme LLC
It's COOL!!
Vladislav Janvarev, FLAscheme developer