FLAscheme for Wacko Wiki


Download & Installation

1. First, download FLAscheme for WackoWiki v.1.0.2
2. Unzip downloaded ZIP to root of your WackoWiki root directory.
3. Setup the license key, width and height of FLAscheme editor. Write these lines into your config file (wacko.config.php)

= array(
// ....
"flascheme_licensekey" => "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|pro",
"flascheme_width" => "700"// will be 700 by default
"flascheme_height" => "500"// will be 500 by default

How to use

Write text %%(flascheme 1)%% on wiki page. The editor will appear. After edit, the scheme XML will be stored inside this formatter, so you can copy it to another page, discover older versions of scheme etc.

If you want to have a several schemes on one page, use constructions: %%(flascheme 2)%%, %%(flascheme 3)%% – the param must be an unique ID.


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